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The Florentine Manor is a Bay of Fundy Recommended Experience.

This denotes an eco-friendly business dedicated to sustainable tourism and quality vacation experiences.

This is an earned designation identifying select heritage accommodations, natural and cultural attractions, and outdoor-adventure operations around the phenomenal Bay of Fundy, which voluntarily exceed rigorous standards of quality, customer service and regional knowledge.

Florentine Manor is in the heart of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

Environmental Issues

Florentine Manor is dedicated to improving our carbon footprint by striving to reduce the amount of energy that we consume and yet add a touch of home and comfort to our guests stay.

We use the outdoor clothesline at every opportunity to line dry our sheets and bedding to give them that special fragrance. An added feature is that little or no ironing is necessary when they come fresh from the line saving time and money.

When it comes to garbage we encourage our staff to sort and recycle with the use of green and blue bags. We compost and have a specified container for returnable bottles, cans, drinking boxes and newspapers.

We have large shade trees in the yard which helps to keep us cool inside on a warm day and all windows are screened to open and let the fresh country breeze from the Bay drift in to make our nights rest perfect. The shade trees also help to keep our lawn lush and green unless it is an extremely dry season.

We offer our guests the option of fresh towels everyday or every other day. It is their choice. Rooms are checked promptly after guest’s departure for heat and lights being left turned on. We do suggest on our comment card that turning down the heat and lights on departure is appreciated.

We started using energy efficient light bulbs about twenty years ago in the kitchen and now use them extensively through out the inn to help with energy consumption.

We try to buy and use local produce, vegetables and fish when ever possible. If we all do a little we can make a big difference in our planet and our environment.

Last updated Feb 6, 2014

bay of fundy recommended experience

A Bay of Fundy Recomended Exprience

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